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Posted by unluckycharms on 2009.10.20 at 20:59
Hey my I just joined this site called lockerz and already save up enough to get a videogame. I'm saving up to get a psp and that shouldnt take too long cause you get points for doing almost anything thing.

You guys can learn more about this site here s1.webstarts.com/lockerzhelp/

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Posted by bird_mad_grrl on 2005.08.16 at 16:54

When I first posted here about this free ipod thing many said it was a hoax.

Well here's a pic of me with my I love free ipods t-shirt and my 20 gig COLOR ipod box :)


I know the pic looks like hell but I HAVE A FREE IPOD!!!

This link is for my brother he definatly deserve his ipod too :)

Remember to complete an offer.
For the Canadians fellows the Canadian Tire offer is only 1$ and YOU GET INSTANT CREDIT!!!

There's also the columbia house that's pretty interesting. When I got my ipod they didn't ask for a credit card but it seems that they do ask for a credit card number now.

Anyways I am a living proof that this works now get yours :)

Posted by unluckycharms on 2005.08.06 at 02:05
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